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From Powerlessness to Agency: The Parent-Child Relationship as the Context for Learning

09-01-2023 01:58

Free workshop by The Moving Center on January 21 2023 9-11am PST.

In-person intensive week in Hamburg/Germany

09-01-2023 01:29

NeuroMovement® lessons for children.

Making Connections: Feldenkrais® Informed Perspectives on Working with Infants, Children & Their Families

28-11-2022 00:31

December 6, 12-1:45 pm EST - From Powerlessness to Agency: The Parent-Child Relationship as the Context for Learning - The Moving Center

The Moving Center NeuroDevelopmental Playfulness Online Course

27-11-2022 23:48

In this series we will teach parents, caregivers and practitioners a powerful, playful, non-coercive approach that harnesses the connection between movement, attention and function. You will discover that NeuroDevelopmental play is a skill that you can acquire, and it is an effective vehicle to facilitate profound, rapid and lasting change.

ABMNM and Feldenkrais

11-02-2021 16:56

Both methods are specialized in the work with adults of all ages and range with difficulties to move and children with CP, trauma, ie. brain damage, genetic disorders and autism.

Andrea Hennen and Feldenkrais®️/ ABMNM®️ ONLINE

11-02-2021 16:56

Often times, people are having chronic pain and can’t find ways out of their pain.

Andrea Hennen and COVID-19

11-02-2021 16:56

Travels are limited of course in times of the pandemic and the in person practice had to be changed.

Frankfurt, Germany: NeuroMovement®: Transform Children with Special Needs Workshop 2019

15-02-2019 16:51

In this workshop, you’ll experience the remarkable capacity of the brain to change and transform your child and your life for the better, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. You will learn theory and practice to use in your daily life for breakthrough outcomes for your child.

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