Bio-Andrea Hennen Feldenkrais Method®️and Anat Baniel Method, NeuroMovement®️

-Bio -

Born 1965 in Losheim
am See, Germany, 
started her career in 1984 as a Massage- and Sporthysiotherapist in Athletics. 

Continuous learning in different manual techniques and studies in neuro-science throughout the years led her towards studying the 

Feldenkrais method at age 25, which begun in San Francisco/USA, with a four year professional

teacher training with Paul and Julie Rubin at the Institut of somatic education (ISSE) from 1992-1996. 

Since, Andrea has been working in her own full practice in different countries, such as in St. Moritz, Sils-Maria and Zurich in Switzerland, then in her hometown Losheim am See in Germany and in Paris, France.

Andrea speaks four languages: German, English, French and Italian. 

In the years from 2017 to 2020 she continued her studies with Anat Baniel and is now also an Anat Baniel - ®️NeuroMovement®️ - ABMNM®️ - Practitioner for children and adults.

Andrea is traveling around the world to work with children with special needs and giving parent workshops while keeping her practice in Losheim-am-See, Germany. 

Especially many visits to Dubai/UAE, Cairo/Egypt, Beirut/ Lebanon, Riyadh/KSA and other travels within the Middle Eastern region. Also she was invited and went to work in Hongkong and Taiwan. 

Her deep interest in the nature of human beings leads her to go out in the world and meet people where they are. 

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