ABM - Feldenkrais for children

ABM - Feldenkrais for children

"Hand in Hand"  eine ABM/Feldenkrais-Intensivwoche für Kinder 13.7. – 17.7.2020

For the second time after a successful start in 2019, Andrea is organizing a team oriented ‘hand in hand’ week of sessions for children with special needs in her home in Losheim am See in Germany. 

This year, the members of this skilled and experienced team of ABMNM and Feldenkrais Method practitioners are:
1. Andrea Hennen,  (Host) Losheim am See/Saarland/Germany 
Feldenkrais Method- practitioner (since 1996) and ABMNM (Anat BAniel Method Neuromovement) and ABM practitioner for children (2019)
2. Sophie Dingemans, Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2010, from New Zealand, now lives and works in Vienna/Austria. 
3. Stefanie Lauterbach, Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2006, working with children with theories and technices oft he ABM lives and works in Hamburg and Cologne/Germany

The lessons will take place in Andrea‘s private house and rooms. Lessons are at a very special low rate of 50€* / ** per lesson, since the ‘hand in hand’ project has a charity character. It is meant for people who can’t afford the full price per lesson, or for families who need more than one intensive week every now and then for their child. This project contributes to making this possible.

*As we have practitioners that travel Andrea is only asking for a contribution to travel costs shared by all participants equally. These costs will be communicated when the traveling practitioners have booked their travel by flight or train, and will be kept as low as possible. Practitioners stay in house and are invited by Andrea, hence their accommodation costs are covered by Andrea for this project. 

** Due to the very low price per lesson in this project there will be no official invoice for you. 
Since it’s all happening in Andrea‘s private home and house, families, between lessons, can stay in the garden, or take walks and picnics in nearby children friendly places, such as the beaches of Lake Losheim with its children playground and beautiful water fountains! 

There is a list of private Airbnb places nearby that Andrea provides for you upon request. 
Here you can find more information about Losheim am See: Losheim am See | Losheim im Saarschleifenland

Hygiene in times of Corona is a standard procedure in the house. We will ask all participants to keep a distance, wear masks and wash their hands regularly. Practitioners will thoroughly disinfect the workplace between sessions. Only one parent or caregiver can stay in the room during sessions. If you bring another child along, such as a sibling, they have to be accompanied by another adult and be in another room. Or they can wait outside and enjoy the garden or a walk. Forest trails start right by Andrea’s house. 

Oscar, Andrea‘s lovely little pug-poodle mix is an adorable little dog with a lot of experience being with Andrea side by side when she’s working with children with special needs. He loves to attend the lessons and with his big heart, he contributes strongly to the process! However, if your child has a dog allergy, we must know about this beforehand.

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