Andrea Hennen and Feldenkrais®️/ ABMNM®️ ONLINE

11-02-2021 16:56

Feldenkrais®️/ ABMNM®️ ONLINE for adults: 
Often times, people are having chronic pain and can’t find ways out of their pain. Here, with the help of an experienced Practitioner and doing the lessons carefully, the lesson receiver (we call them students) is learning more about him- or herself, i.e. how they can create moving and thinking patterns that are leading them towards better control of their body or overcome believe systems in the so typical vicious circle of pain. Like this, we are contributing to a way of life that is pointing out the possibilities more than avoidance or dealing with the pain. These lessons are also highly recommended for caregivers! 

And for Children...
Children usually enjoy the Feldenkrais®️/ ABMNM®️ lessons very much and are attentive. The key to change is engaging and connecting with the child rather than making the problem the focus. Extraordinary change is possible when the child is met. It’s an explorational process of how to meet and engage the child and how to facilitate change. 

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